Elior Group has chosen to integrate the Bluecar®, Bolloré’s all electric city car, in its car fleet. Bolloré Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Vincent Bolloré and Elior Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Philippe Salle made the announcement this morning from the Paris-La Défense head office of Elior Group. This partnership will pave the way for Elior Group to shift to electric vehicles (EVs) by giving its employees access to the Bluecar, a four-seater EV powered by an LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) battery. Created and developed by Bolloré Group’s subsidiary Blue Solutions, this unique technology ensures maximum safety, reliability and performance.

This pro-active and committed initiative is part of the continuous improvement approach underpinning the Elior Group CSR strategy; the Positive Foodprint Plan. As of May 2017, the first ten Bluecars with an autonomy of 250 km will be tested by staff members who are employed at Elior Group, Elior or Elior Services and are interested in taking part in the project. The program will subsequently be offered to all staff members willing to take part in the operation, primarily in Paris and the Paris region. Employees wishing to participate will play an important role in the fight against pollution and have access to a network of 6,200 recharge terminals.

In the Paris region, Elior Group has a fleet of 400 cars in the non-refrigerated vehicle category. Tests will be carried out over a 20-month period to enable staff members using Bluecars to give feedback and foster the development of this EV offer. The ecological impact will be immediate since the use of electric cars will enable the Group to reduce its carbon footprint by three to four tons of CO2.

Elior Group chose the Bolloré Group because of the latter’s end-to-end production-line management (car, LMP® battery, recharge terminal network, onboard connectivity, etc.) and the implementation of a dedicated software platform to manage car-sharing.

Commenting on the partnership, Bolloré Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Vincent Bolloré said, “Today, there are many solutions allowing us to meet public health and energy transition challenges. Bolloré Group is happy to lend its skills to Elior Group and to contribute to its continuous improvement approach, by providing a reliable and sustainable mobility solution. Because energy transition is taking place at all levels, it is important that major players such as Elior Group and Bolloré Group take steps to offer concrete ways to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.”

 Elior Group Chairman and Chief Executive Philippe Salle stated: “We are proud of the partnership we have forged with the Bolloré Group which will enable us to integrate EVs into our vehicle fleet. Within the context of our Positive Foodprint Plan CSR strategy, our aim is to conduct our business in a responsible manner, by promoting car-sharing and participating in the fight against pollution, notably in Paris. Integrating the Bluecar in our car fleet has enabled us to take a step further towards reducing our carbon footprint and meeting environmental protection challenges”.