Innovative approach for a listed company: Elior Group has launched its 2014-15 Activity Report on Instagram, and is promoting it on other social networks, before bringing out the printed version for the forthcoming Shareholders’ General Meeting on March 11.

The Activity Report is a compulsory corporate publication that presents data and information about the company and which is prepared for analysts, investors and shareholders in particular. 

Elior Group has adopted an innovative approach for its 2015 Activity Report by opening with an overview of feedback given by six web influencers in the form of photos and hashtags on the #TimeSavored customer experience.

Before presenting the Group’s corporate figures and activities, Elior Group opted, this year, to give carte blanche to six instagrammers (three women and three men) to share their views on six of the Group’s global catering offerings marketed in France, Italy, Spain, the UK and the US.

For Group Chairman, Philippe Salle, “Innovation, and digital transformation in particular, is one of our top strategic priorities. We need to take action across the entire digital spectrum and innovate at every level, particularly in terms of customer relations”.

 “Launching an activity report on Instagram is not just a gimmicky marketing trick. In an increasingly digital world where consumers are relying more and more on smart-phone notifications for access to information, Instagram has become a fully-fledged social-media marketing tool.  Going digital offers new ways for us to present the Group, communicate information and enhance our brand image”, declared Frédéric Fougerat, Group Vice-President Communications.