On January 31, 2017, Elior Group will be organizing its “D-DAY”, a speed-training Digital Day event and the first stage in the #WeAreSocializers program designed to transform employees into Group digital ambassadors and make them superheroes of the social networks.

The pedagogical aim of #WeAreSocializers is to enhance the digital knowledge of Group employees by helping them understand and master the social networks. Future socializers will therefore be better equipped to accompany the digital transformation of the Group, one of the objectives featured in Philippe Salle's 2020 strategic plan.

Designed for newcomers to social networks and experts alike, this program, run by the certified Abilways Digital training team, aims to enhance the skills of employees and reveal their latent superpowers. Through a regular, fun-based and adaptable training program, employees will be able to acquire the elements they need to understand and exploit the wealth of media supports they encounter in their daily lives and, as such, become active, autonomous media players. This pilot version will be tested at Elior Group headquarters in France before the program is rolled out throughout all of the Group's operating regions.

For Group Vice-President Communications, Frédéric Fougerat: "The social networks concern all forms of digital expression (video, text, images, photos, short drafts, etc.) and the ability to master them is a catalyst for digital project success. The aim of #WeAreSocializers is to unite our employees around the Elior Group brand and involve them in the digital transformation of the Group."

As of January 31, Elior Group will be implementing a fun and highly professional training program featuring:

  • Digital Café: several mini conferences lasting 15-20minutes each on simple and operational subjects, such as "What makes a good tweet?", “My first snap”…
  • Digital Conferences: a series of generic conferences for global presence on the web and social networks, and theme-based conferences concerning one social network in particular to address the challenges and usages from A to Z.
  • Digital Workshops: team work-sessions on specific digital projects. Transforming your smartphone into a photo studio, writing for the social networks, building relationships with influential bloggers, etc.

The first Digital Day will take place on January 31, 2017 at Elior Group headquarters in the La Defense business district of Paris. On the agenda: four interactive, speed-training workshops lasting 20 minutes each hosted by Group employees on the themes:

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  • Getting started on Instagram
  • Using the "donut theory" to understand the social networks
  • Five tips to help you tweet better