For the second year in a row, Elior has received the B rating in the Climate Change 2022 listing of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an international reference body that assesses the effectiveness of companies’ carbon strategy, by ascribing them a score of A to D. Elior Group’s concrete and continuous strategy for collective catering that is respectful of humans and the planet’s resources has been commended once again.  

As a social and responsible food services provider, Elior Group is committed, as defined by its CSR roadmap, to taking part in the transition to a less carbon-intensive society and to preserving the planet’s resources. The Group has thus set itself the objective of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions per meal by 12% by 2025, by: using 80% renewable electricity at its sites; improving their energy performance; reducing food waste by 30%; and reducing the carbon impact of its food offerings.  

These objectives follow from an ambitious climate strategy, the strengths of which earned it this recognition from the 2022 CDP Climate Challenge.

"With this, we have received, for the second year in a row, real recognition for the quality of our climate strategy. Striving to preserve a habitable planet while providing healthy and sustainable catering services for our guests is of the essence to Elior. We are delighted with this distinction and will continue our commitments in this area to create a true virtuous dynamic for the planet, for our employees, for our partners and for our guests"

— Aurélie Stewart

Elior Group CSR Director

Directly involved governance

Through effective CSR governance, the Group is able to interlink all its key focuses, from the management bodies to the operational teams. The climate strategy is subject to the approval of Bernard Gault, Chairman and CEO of Elior, and implemented by a Group CSR Committee that convenes several times a year. The progress of the Group’s CSR strategy is one of the objectives of all Top Management members.

A robust carbon footprint

The Group works daily to reduce the impact of its activity on the environment and involves employees, customers and guests in this dynamic. Each year, Elior Group measures its carbon footprint and institutes concrete actions in order to reduce its impact on the environment, such as the development of its range of vegetarian dishes. The Group has also brought carbon expertise in-house, to ensure effective operational monitoring by a team of experts. 

A projection showing climate risk management and adaptation to climate change in conjunction with carbon4

Wishing to take these efforts to the next level, Elior Group recently embarked on an ambitious project in connection with carbon4, an independent consulting firm specialized in low-carbon strategy and adaptation to climate change, in order to analyze the impact of climate change for the Group. The objective is to use the long-term projection derived from the study in order to bring all stakeholders on-board, in the short term, for a climate resilience approach, to continue the integration of climate issues at the heart of operational activities and to mobilize all departments in the construction of the climate strategy.