bon’App, the 1st school-canteen catering app, was launched by Elior France in September 2014. Designed to simplify the day-to-day organization of families with children at school, this innovative application met with immediate success and now has more than 100,000 users. bon’App is a free application that informs parents about the school menus proposed, as well as the quality of the food products, and even lets them pay their children’s school meals on-line from their smart phones, tablets or PCs.

Implemented by Elior France in its school canteens, bon'App can be downloaded free of charge and provides services that have now become essential in simplifying the day-to-day organization of families with children in school. The application offers several functions giving access to clearly-presented, useful information, regarding:

  • On-line menus: parents can access their children’s school menus, up to eight weeks in advance.
  • Food-origin identification: pictograms make it possible for users to rapidly identify the quality of the food products (bio-agriculture, local produce, labels).
  • Canteen news alerts: parents can follow the special events organized in their children’s canteens (events featuring local produce, "Week of Taste", etc.). 
  • Child canteen-presence management: parents can register their children for canteen meals, or cancel their presence 2 school days in advance.
  • Paying canteen bills: parents can access their canteen bills and pay them directly online.

A second generation of bon'App is currently under development for launch at the end of 2016. The updated version will offer new mobile functionalities designed to enhance the user experience and provide even more information, notably concerning food allergens and nutrition.

In addition, the application will soon be available to parents with young children in daycare centers where catering is managed by Elior France.

More and more bon'App users opting for smartphone connection

The number of users opting for smartphone connection increased 15 points in one year, rising from 20% of total users in January 2015 to 35% in January 2016. This sharp increase in the number of users opting for mobile connection underscores how bon'App facilitates the day-to-day organization of families with children in school. On the back of this, Elior France is stepping up its digital transformation, by carrying out concrete programs that offer immediate returns for its guests.