As the caterer of choice in 13 countries, serving more than 4 million guests every day, Elior Group pays particular attention to the impact of its business on the environment and society. In a context of global mobilization around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations, Elior Group has launched its CSR strategy, entitled the Elior Group Positive Foodprint Plan™.

In a bid to leave a positive footprint on the planet, the Group*  has made a commitment to achieve the 4 sustainable development objectives where it will have the most effect by 2025, namely: public health issues with poor diet as a contributing factor, environmental problems caused by agriculture, the increase in food waste, and employment-related issues (unemployment, inequality in the workplace and the need for decent jobs). 

The Group's pro-active and committed CSR strategy is underpinned by a continuous improvement approach. The objective of the strategy is to achieve the ambitious goal of leaving a positive nutritional impact (Positive Foodprint) from farm to fork, with the support of all Group stakeholders. As such, Elior Group has undertaken to achieve four sustainable development objectives by 2025:

  • Objective n°1: For 100% of the Group’s guests to be able to choose healthy and delicious food by 2025,
  • Objective n°2: For 10 of the Group’s major ingredients to meet sustainable and local sourcing criteria,
  • Objective n°3: Zero food waste to landfill,
  • Objective n°4: For 70% of Group’s managers to come from internal promotions, contributing to personal advancement and diversity.

Philippe Salle, Chairman and CEO of Elior Group, explains that, "as a leader in our sector, we must undertake dynamic, pro-active actions to help to resolve the environmental and societal issues associated to our business. With the Positive Foodprint Plan, Elior Group has made a commitment to leave a positive nutritional footprint by 2025, by ensuring sustainable procurement of our ingredients, healthy and innovative choices for our guests, food waste reduction along our value chain, and the professional fulfillment of our employees."


* Elior Group reached the Global Compact Advanced level in 2016