Elior Corporate Catering has been providing catering services at Thalès headquarters in the Carpe Diem tower, since it opened in the La Defense business district at the beginning of January this year. With 4 new contracts won at La Defense, Elior has strengthened its positions in the business district; an achievement which demonstrates the Group’s ability to provide employees with an innovative and healthy culinary offering at their place of work.

Elior awarded collective catering contract for Thalès new headquarters

Since the inauguration of the Carpe Diem tower on 5 January, Thales employees have been able to enjoy a comprehensive and diversified catering service. This solution, which caters to diners’ individual tastes, as well as to consumer trends and expectations in terms of quality and comfort, comprises:

  • a self-service catering solution where employees in search of a bit of variety, cand chose between an  Italian or Asian dish or opt for a barbecue lunch
  • a quality, fast-food service operated under the Bonsense label 
  • high-end services provided under the Arpège brand, including a Club area accessible to everyone on the terraced garden on the 35th floor.

Dynamic growth on the corporate catering segment

By carrying off the Carpe Diem Tower contract, Elior has confirmed its dynamic growth on the collective corporate catering market and ability to provide catering solutions for the new generation of office towers. Because of its ability to offer greater diversity in terms of catering format, create catering areas that are both welcoming and connected, and providing affordable prices, Elior Corporate Catering has, in the past few months, won, or renewed, other contracts to provide catering services for another three towers in La Defense and, as such, strengthened its positions in the business district. 

In addition, by offering employees a unique range of own-brand and local produce, Elior is fostering a new way of life in the workplace: quality catering, coupled with the finest produce on the market which is appreciated by the mass public.

  • The Majunga Tower (5,000 employees): the 39-storey tower provides 8 different catering formats, including 5 terrace solutions, and offers Arpège made-to-order formulas, including table-service solutions, private brasserie-booths, and a coffee lounge. A Sushi Shop, and, for the first time in the corporate catering segment, an Espressamente Illy coffee shop, as well as a monop’daily, round-the-clock self-service; also make their debut appearance in a business tower.

In 2015, Elior Collective Corporate Catering will continue to provide catering services to two other towers in the business district, namely: the Europe Tower and the BP6 Tower (which houses the headquarters of EDF): 

  • The Europe Tower: The”Vivement midi” (Thank God for Lunchtime) self-service outlet provides employees services that cater to their individual tastes. In addition to the regional and tradition bistrot cuisine offerings, 4 theme-based food bars  (« Vite un bon Plat », « Oui au Barbecue », « Bienvenuti », and  « Bon Voyage ») offer a selection of different dishes to suit the mood of the day and employee time constraints.
  • The PB6 tower: in addition to the "Vivement Midi" self-service, Elior has installed a "Twenty for all" made-to-order sandwich bar. This innovative "Twenty" catering concept is based on a selection of 20 different types of bread and 20 sandwich fillings made from the finest French produce, including Bayonne IGP ham, Comté (AOC) cheese, and Guemene smoked sausagge (andouille). A special recipe is featured every week and a hot snack and other produce are also on sale.

Innovative services have been developed in all of these new-generation towers to facilitate access to different services and ensure that, for the employee, lunch breaks taken at work are moments of pleasure. Some sites also benefit from the mobile Easypass designed to provide real-time solutions to employee questions concerning the tower's catering facilities. Users can consult the platform from their smartphones, tablets and PCs to remotely recharge their meal accounts, check out menus and find out how many seats are available in the restaurant of their choice.

For Pierre Von Essen, Managing Director of Elior Corporate Contract Catering, “this series of successes demonstrates the savoir-faire of the Elior teams, who are capable of proposing innovative catering solutions that feature our own-brand produce and some the finest brand products. Forever attentive to the demands of our clients and conscious of changing trends in consumer expectations, Elior puts back the pleasure into dining at work for employees, which is essential when it comes to ensuring their well-being in the workplace.”