After two years of transformation work, the new Limours-Janvry rest area is to be inaugurated by Areas, Total and Vinci Autoroutes today. Located just before the Saint-Arnoult toll-gate (Yvelines) on the south-bound stretch of the A10 Paris-Bordeaux motorway, the new rest area offers a harmonious blend of modernity and environment making it a place where motorists and road-transport professionals alike can stop a while and enjoy a memorable break before continuing on their way.

Areas is working alongside its concession grantors to transform and revamp motorway service plazas by offering authentic experiences to travelers on the road. The Limours-Janvry rest area designed by Total and Areas is more than just a gas station but rather a hub of life that offers a wide array of products and mobility services: gas and energy stations, a variety of catering solutions and hot drinks as well as leisure and convenience products, relaxation facilities and other proximity services designed for customers.

The Limours-Janvry rest area is now equipped to welcome visitors in a fully renovated setting featuring an innovative building in the form of an “apostrophe”, as well as a general layout that is distinctive and integrated into its environment with the break at heart.

For the Limours-Janvry service plaza, Areas has designed an innovative catering offering that takes travelers on a culinary voyage featuring several well-known brands as well as fresh and tasty products. The objectives: to offer authentic experiences to travelers, satisfy their desires at any time of the day and transform the rest area into a convivial place where travelers can stop off, relax and enjoy themselves.