Areas, the global concession catering brand of Elior Group, has teamed up with Awadac, a start-up specialized in connected furniture solutions, to deploy digital tables in its restaurants. Areas has been testing a pilot version of the solution in the Agora brasserie in the Montpellier Saint-Roch railway station since January 16, 2017.

Developed by Montpellier-based start-up Awadac, these connected tables meet Area’s needs in terms of providing travelers with an innovative experience via access to an interactive digital tool that is reliable, rapid, informational and recreational.

In demanding and highly-frequented travel venues where speed of service is of the essence, digital solutions serve to optimize service flows and reassure customers by giving them the means to manage their time.

With Awadac’s screen-integrated restaurant furniture, consumers can consult menus in several languages, acquire information on food properties (allergen content, etc.), call for waiter/waitress service, assess service quality, consult train times and even access fun applications for their children.

Also designed to meet the operational needs of caterers, Awadac smart tables are integrated in the restaurant’s IT system and allow for real-time order management. The connected table is an efficient decision-making tool that optimizes waiting time for catering staff and, as such, enhances service quality.

CEO of Areas of France and Northern Europe Alexandre de Palmas stated: “With the smart table we can offer travelers new experiences that facilitate their travels and meet their specific needs. Our partnership with Awadac is in line with Elior Group’s innovation strategy to offer start-up partners a playing field so that they can contribute to the development of an ecosystem that will benefit all catering activities.” 

Awadac’s solution is an integrated offering, whereby the start-up determines the scope (number of tables, expected results, etc.) and customer paths, involves and trains staff, and defines, in conjunction with the caterer, the type of furniture. The system is scalable and can be developed to match customer needs.

Founding chairman of Awadac Jérôme Gauchet added: “We are proud to be working with Areas to install our solution in a railway station which is a heavy traffic venue with a strong focus on service.  The confidence we place in Areas underscores the work we have carried out over the past two years with caterers and consumers to come up with a product that perfectly meets market needs”.