Areas, the global concession catering brand of Elior Group, has won a catering contract to manage 15 new points of sale at Barcelona-El Prat airport, the second busiest airport in Spain, and the seventh in Europe, following the tender process held by Aena. Already present at the El Prat airport with 14 points of sale, Areas has increased its presence and become the principal retail operator at the airport with a total of 29 points of sale.

Areas forecasts that the management of these 15 additional points of sale, which will occupy a floor area of more than 6,200 m2 in both terminals, will generate total revenues of approximately 500 million euros over the next eight years of this contract.

The new catering offer includes a wide range of proposals, with local brands such as Boldú and Javier de las Muelas, prestigious international brands such as Burger King, Exki, La Place and PAUL, successful own brands from Areas such as Deli&Cia and COMO, as well as brands which have proved safe bets in other Spanish airports, including SantaGloria, MasQMenos and Dots Bakery. At the same time, Areas adds to these catering offering plenty of shopping opportunities, with food specialists such as Sibarium Delicatessen, Farga, and Wonkandy, and prestigious fashion and sports brands such as Adolfo Domínguez and Adidas.

Pedro Fontana, Elior Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer and CEO of Concession Catering Worldwide explains, “with this new contract, Areas becomes the principal retail operator at one of the most high-profile airports in the world, and strengthens its position as leader in the sector in Spain. This success means a lot to us, since it coincides with our company's 50th anniversary celebrations and, furthermore, in the city of Barcelona, where it all began half a century ago.”

For Oscar Vela, CEO of Areas for Spain, Portugal and Latin America, “winning this tender rewards an ambitious business project, based on a number of premises. Firstly, to provide each airport with a remarkable gastronomic identity: practically half of the brands selected were launched in Barcelona. Next, to surprise travelers by including innovative elements in our offerings. Thanks to Areas, Exki and La Place will come to Spain for the first time, with strategic locations in both terminals at El Prat. In addition, to position ourselves as leaders in the fast food segment with Burger King. Finally, to develop own brands designed for the travelling public by our teams. So we will be opening our healthy grab & go concept, Deli&Cia, as well as our COMO restaurant. We intend to make Barcelona airport a showcase of our best practices.”