To support the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics bid, Elior Group launches, from May 15 until June 30, the #2024secondes* challenge via the Objectif Paris 2024 app. During their lunch, snack or dinner break, Elior Group invites the French to savor a culinary/sports experience to enhance their well-being, and is issuing them a sports challenge of #2024secondes (roughly 34 minutes) with the possibility of winning a meal at the fine restaurant Ciel de Paris**.

Last December, Elior Group, official partner of Paris 2024, launched a campaign inviting the French to take a culinary/sports break of at least #2024secondes a day. Based on a market research study carried out by KANTAR TNS revealing that for the French, well-being is a combination of healthy eating and exercise (neatly summed up by the equation, “fork + sneakers = well-being”), Elior Group is encouraging people in France to set aside at least 2,024 seconds a day for their well-being. Indeed, the longer people spend over their meals and the more exercise they do, the better it is for their well-being.

"Within the framework of this partnership, we are in charge of the sports, nutrition and well-being theme. With the #2024secondes challenge, our aim is to accompany the French during their break by offering them the opportunity to savor a culinary experience and some form of physical activity, and to let them gauge and share their level of well-being on the dedicated website,,”explained Frédéric Fougerat, Elior Group Vice-President Communications.

With the Objectif Paris 2024 app, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store (iOS) and Google play (Android), everybody can become an ambassador for Paris 2024; all you need to do is take up the first challenge. Once configured the Objectif Paris 2024 app syncs with sports apps and calculates the number of kilometers run. After having reached the 5 km threshold, new ambassadors can then take up another Paris-2024 partner challenge, including #2024secondes of well-being proposed by Elior Group.


*This hashtag will only be used on the French-speaking web

**The Group's gastronomic restaurant at the top of Tour Montparnasse