The Group has updated its strategic plan to take into account the impacts of the sanitary crisis and redefine a new financial trajectory by 2024. The structure and fundamentals of the plan remain unchanged. The Group is on track to achieving its objectives fixed in 2019 while stepping up its transformation and raising its growth prospects. Objectives for the Elior Group are even greater wherever it operates and in all of its catering and services businesses.

Elior had to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic and social consequences. Confronted by this exceptional, global crisis, the Group has demonstrated the solidity of its operational teams, the robustness of its management and the strength of its values. The Group was able to withstand the crisis thanks to the commitment and agility of its teams, as well as to its new, more flexible offers, without sacrificing any of its fundamentals: health and safety at work, hygiene and food safety, and responsibility.  

New Elior 2024 plan

By divesting Areas in 2019, Elior refocused on its original core contract catering business in five countries, and its services business in France. To open this new chapter in its history, the Group redefined its mission, ambition, and priorities in each of its markets and drew up a strategic plan for 2024, which it named New Elior. 

This ambitious plan, jointly crafted by the Executive Committee and the operating teams, is structured around five value creation drivers :

  1. Shifting our business mix towards the most attractive segments, in which we intend to create value for our clients through innovative offerings, and entering new markets, such as catering in hotels and meal deliveries to Small and Mid-size Enterprises (SMEs).
  2. Giving our client-facing teams the resources they need to always adapt our offerings in line with guests’ expectations, by proposing healthy and environmentally-friendly dining options, with concepts heavily inspired by commercial catering.
  3. Being constantly customer-centric thanks to our high-quality offerings and by systematically applying customer loyalty best practices.
  4. Optimizing and continuously adapting our cost structure to operational requirements, including procurement, payroll and overhead costs.
  5. Managing cash in a disciplined way and allocating it to targeted investment opportunities that guarantee the best returns.

Our New Elior 2024 strategic plan has proved perfectly suited to our times, enabling us not only to withstand the crisis and stay on track, but also to step up our transformation and seize new opportunities. By closely involving the management teams in all our geographical regions, we have put the last few months to good use reviewing our five Value Creation Drivers and revising our strategic plan to bring it up to date with the situation.

CSR objectives reaffirmed for 2025

Elior continues to pay particular attention to guest health and well-being, client satisfaction, employee development and engagement, and its activities’ environmental impact. We reaffirm our corporate social responsibility commitments, which are fully integrated into our value creation proposal:

  • 12% less greenhouse gas emission per meal by 2025, compared to 2020 (scopes 1-2-3)
  • 30% reduction in food waste per meal by 2025, compared to 2020,
  • 80% renewable electricity use by 2025 and reduction of our energy consumption

Our CSR strategy

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy commits us to four areas that cover our entire value chain, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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