Dominique Pélabon began his career in 1976 with Sodexo where he served in a number of field positions (area manager, sales) before becoming Regional Director, General Manager of Benelux and later General Manager of Sodexo schools and universities. In 1987, he joined Compagnie Plastic Omnium as General Manager of the Environment business (Plastic Omnium Services) and President of Compagnie Signature (specializing in road signs and safety). During these 15 years, he contributed to the development of activities in Europe, the U.S., South America and Asia. Dominique Pélabon was a member of the Management Committee of Compagnie Plastic Omnium. In 2001, he joined Elior to take over the General Management of Education and Health activities. In 2005, he also became Managing Director of the International Catering business and contributed to the development and external growth of these activities. 
Through the experience he acquired in the industrial world, he rationalized the production of meals in central kitchens and in the health sector. Dominique Pélabon was a member of Elior's Executive Committee until he retired in 2016. Since then, he has been working as a consultant.