As a caterer, we are responsible for providing solutions to societal issues on which we believe we have a positive impact: public health issues related to food, the transition of agricultural production methods, the reduction of waste food and the creation of skilled jobs. 

We deploy innovations in all our operating countries to meet the expectations of our customers who are particularly sensitive to these issues.  

intelligence to
reduce waste

The introduction of artificial intelligence in our kitchens helps our operational teams reduce food waste. In Italy, Winnow is a connected scale that makes it possible to weigh and identify discarded food. This connected scale reduced food waste by 60% during the first test and is now being rolled out in our kitchens. 

Our partnership with Winnow Solutions

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Reduce waste

Open innovation allows us to implement innovative solutions at our sites and help young entrepreneurs to develop. In Italy, we notably propose the transformation of food waste into animal feed with the start-up Feed From Food. 
This Italian start-up, run by professors and young university researchers, recovers waste from the agri-food chain by transforming it into pet food.

Ideas to limit the use of plastic

Elior plays a leading role in transforming production models towards using more sustainable practices. The Group wants to increase the percentage of responsible packaging it uses and to be a pioneer in identifying solutions that preserve the ecosystem in which we live, while keeping costs under control.

Packaging: a key issue for responsible collective catering

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The deposit system: a solution designed to achieve zero waste

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An app for responsible consumption

In the UK, Elior’s ECO POINTS project rewards our guests by investing in reforestation. Our digital and CSR teams have developed a module in the app for guests who can accumulate points on low carbon impact menus/dishes. More than 1,200 trees will be planted in 2022 thanks to our partnership with Just One Tree! Digital innovation dedicated to the environment.

Going further

Dedicated to sustainable growth, our mission as a responsible caterer and services operator is to earn the trust of our guests every day by offering them healthy, balanced and environmentally friendly meals that also provide a moment of pleasure.

Our CSR strategy

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