25 years of catering

Elior Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary; the perfect occasion to look back on the key social trends that the Group has successfully anticipated and interpreted in making its mark on the catering market.

For 25 years, market expert Elior Group has been decoding the underlying trends that flow through society, especially those directly related to food and cooking; as an advocate and driving force for catering industry development, its innovations have continually pushed the envelope of the market.

2016 and beyond: sharing and food tech

Making life simpler, getting back to basics, reinventing local values and putting the quest for ethics into practice through local involvement or combating waste, working together and committing together...

Elior is backing Food Tech (the convergence of food and new technologies) to respond to these desires for sharing and co-construction. The digital world is central to Food Tech, and enables the creation of value for everyone from farm to fork... and even through to recycling!

2010 - 2015: Ethics and connectivity

Authenticity, local presence, direct contact with friends, locality and producers... strong values like these echo the success of local produce and the rise of the digital solutions that make everyday life and human interaction easier.

For Elior Group, it means engaging at local level, from dealing directly with local producers to food truck restaurants and - of course - the introduction of the first apps for guests.

2005 - 2010: Responsibility and organic

The concepts of sustainable development and responsibility emerge in society, and organic becomes a key catering trend.

In addition to increasingly urban, agile and takeaway range concepts, Elior Group develops its organic offers through partnerships with a large number of accreditation labelling schemes guaranteeing product quality.

2000 - 2005: The quest for meaning and individuality

Trend-driven catering brands - like coffee shops - emerge in response to a need for individuality and personal recognition; commercial and urban brands embrace contract catering.

Elior Group counts on brands to deliver guaranteed reassurance and new ideas, and introduces new concepts with the signature of major agreements with franchised brands.

1995 - 2000: Speed and conviviality

Catering goes fast food, and the cafeteria becomes the focal point for interaction and sharing, reflecting a need for a social fabric and group exchanges.

During this period, Elior Group develops café spaces alongside its restaurants, and opens its first cafeterias in secondary schools.

1990 - 1995: Pleasure and discovery

This era sees the boom in contract catering, a response to the sociological expectations of security and autonomy that have built up since the post-war period, which now opens up a new dimension of discovery, experience and pleasure.

From the Group’s perspective, the most important evolution since the end of the 1980s is the invention and development of cold and hot chains in its central kitchens to guarantee hygiene, food safety and trust.