Supported projects in the field of social and professional integration


In the field of social and professional integration, Elior Group Solidarities supports projects submitted by employees in France, Italy and in the United Kingdom.

Nuevo Despertar

Nuevo Despertar

Since 1990, in Spain, Nuevo Despertar has supported the reinsertion of young people after spending time in detox by running awareness-raising workshops and organizing recreational activities (such as concerts and plays ) and creating bonds of friendship. The association also supports families by giving donations of food and clothing. Elior Group Solidarities supports the organization of workshops and events.



In partnership with the Welsh National Waterfront Museum, GRAFT is an alternative community work space that offers people from all walks of life the chance to carry out solidarity projects by taking part in craft activities and debates. Elior Group Solidarities supports the distribution of fruit and vegetables grown in a shared garden to people in need.

Le Récho

Le Récho contributes to the creation of more inclusive cities and the bringing together of local people and refugees around the theme of food and a community restaurant. Since 2016, Recho has run 50 cookery workshops in 5 cities in France and Belgium, with 20,000 meals prepared from 5 tons of recuperated, unsold food. In particular, Elior Group Solidarities supports the reception and insertion of refugees at the Exelmans reception center in Paris.

Tandem Réfugiés

Tandem Réfugiés

Tandem Réfugiés lends support to refugees in order to facilitate their economic and social integration by providing personalized sponsored monitoring. By forging personal, amicable ties with every refugee, sponsors foster their integration and help them understand their new social and cultural environment.