Sustainable ingredients

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Our goal: to reduce the environmental impact of our sourcing by increasing the percentage of our responsible purchases.

Because we believe that all of our purchasing decisions should have a positive impact on our environment, we have developed an action program aimed at respecting and preserving natural resources by increasing the percentage of local and labeled products. It is also essential to communicate transparently on these subjects with our customers and guests, in order to build a relationship of trust.

Ruxandra Ispas - Chief Procurement Officer of Elior Group

As a responsible caterer, Elior Group believes that it is its duty to play a leading role in food transition to enable the development of agricultural methods that are respectful to the environment (soil, biodiversity, forests, etc.) and animal welfare, by ultimately contributing to a healthier and balanced diet.

In addition to playing a role in the economic vitality of the territories via its network of several thousand catering sites, Elior Group also seeks to promote the development of sustainable and innovative sectors. In this regard, the Group pays particular attention to its relationships with its supplier and producer partners.


The Group is also actively working on issues related to animal welfare as well as on the impact that certain categories of products may have on biodiversity and forests (palm oil and soy beans in particular). To minimize its environmental impact, Elior Services favors the use of eco-labeled and concentrated products.

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Monitoring indicators

In order to measure the progress of its sustainable supplies, the Group has adopted a set of indicators to monitor the percentage of its:

  • labeled products (food and non-food)
  • organic products
  • local products 
  • responsible packaging 
  • responsible fishery resources
  • sustainable egg products