Sustainable ingredients

Because we want to meet the challenge of environmental issues caused by agriculture, we are committed to increasing the sustainability of our ingredients and sharing best practices with our suppliers.

Environmental issues caused by agriculture

Environmental issues caused by agriculture are many, from deforestation to water shortage to climate change.

Elior Group develops its actions within the framework of the 2nd SDG: achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Elior Group response: sustainable ingredients

Through better procurement, increase the sustainability of our ingredients

The way ingredients are grown and produced have major environmental and social impacts. We want these impacts to be as positive as possible. We are therefore working on the 10 ingredients where we can have the biggest positive impact through sustainable sourcing and developing appropriate standards. By ingredients, we mean product categories, for example addressing animal welfare in the cattle industry, develop responsible fishing or reducing pesticide use. We will work in partnership with our suppliers to help them meet these criteria. 

Elior Group commitments

  • Build long-term relationships with suppliers for best quality
  • Develop a sustainable supply chain, with emphasis on local produce

Animal welfare

Animal Welfare

Elior Group believes that animal welfare is linked to animal health and that it forms a vital part of a sustainable supply chain. Animal welfare is an integral part of Elior Group’s CSR strategy, the Elior Group Positive Foodprint Plan, and specifically supports the Sustainable ingredients pillar.

Global Coalition for Animal Welfare

Elior Group is one of the seven founder members of the Global Coalition for Animal Wefare (GCAW), a global platform uniting major companies and animal welfare experts in advancing animal welfare globally.

GCAW has identified five priority work streams including cage-free policies, improved broiler chicken welfare, farmed fish welfare, antimicrobial resistance and global standards for transportation and slaughter.

Our sustainable ingredients

Eggs: Elior Group has committed to ending cage egg sourcing before 2025 and to promote animal welfare.

Some intensive farming conditions have led to an overall rise in awareness of the treatment of livestock.

The Group has committed to ending cage egg sourcing (both shell and liquid) worldwide before 2025, while the industry makes its transition. More generally, Elior Group is committed to promoting the best living and slaughtering conditions for farmed animals.

Palm oil: Elior Group has made a commitment to ban palm oil or only use sustainable palm oil products.

The main impact of palm oil plantations is the destruction of ecosystems through massive deforestation.

Elior Group commits to expanding its policy of substituting palm oil (suppression or substitution by its sustainable equivalent), already effective in France, to the other countries where the Group operates and to other products categories which likely contain palm oil.

Fish: Elior Group has committed to preserving biodiversity by adopting a dynamic and proactive fish population sourcing policy in line with the evolution of marine ecosystems and the recommendations of expert stakeholders.

Pressure on marine resources around the world is recognized as excessive: 90% of fish species are exploited to the maximum or overexploited.

Elior Group will continue its policy to protecting endangered fish species by dynamically and voluntarily adapting its purchases to the evolution of marine ecosystems and the recommendations of the expert stakeholders