By signing the Cancer@Work charter, Elior Group has strengthened its commitment to the association and become a member of its Pioneers program, designed to make cancer a strategic corporate subject. Cancer@Work's mission is to support job security and the return to work for people suffering from cancer and to enhance their quality of life in the workplace. A member of the association since 2012, Elior Group has set itself a new objective to change the mentalities of its employees and its practices with regard to cancer at all corporate levels.

President of Cancer@Work since its creation in 2012, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Elior Group Philippe Salle declared: “Companies have a fundamental role to play; they must be able to adapt their way of functioning to accommodate employees suffering from the disease.” Indeed, every day in France, nearly 400 people in work are diagnosed with some form of cancer.

A member of the association since its creation, Elior Group is true to its commitment to employ and look after people suffering from the disease and carry out a variety of activities with its employees. As such, the Group has organized several round table events to raise the awareness of its employees, and holds brain-storming sessions to come up with concrete solutions to facilitate the reintegration of people who have become disabled as a result of cancer. 

"We would also like to take the subject abroad. This is why I wanted to commit the Elior Group to Cancer@Work at the global level," added Philippe Salle.

Elior Group is now mobilized in the fight against cancer in all of its operating countries. In Italy, campaigns are organised to raise the awareness between employees and the Incontradonna onlus association, while in Spain, the Group also focuses on risk prevention by diffusing monthly newsletters published by the Spanish association against cancer to all staff members. In the US, an internal fund has been set up to give employees suffering from serious illnesses access to financial aid, while in the UK, the Group supports Starlight, an association which enables children suffering from cancer to realize their dreams with the help of Elior Group volunteers.