Founded 40 years ago, Elior Services is a key player in the French market for cleaning solutions: biological cleaning and hygiene. Leader in the healthcare segment, the Group ranks among the top five on a vast market (worth over €16bn) and is a key partner in a wide range of sectors: tertiary premises, commercial and administrative facilities, schools, universities, stadiums, museums and hospitality premises, as well as sensitive and high-tech industries.

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A subsidiary of the Elior Group, Elior Services started out in the healthcare segment, before branching out into other markets, and currently has 21,000 employees and 2,400 sites under management in France.






Leader in France for cleaning services in the healthcare sector

Healthcare hospitality

With a solid 30-year track-record in the healthcare sector, Elior Services is French leader in healthcare hospitality services (taking patients’ orders, serving meals, patient reception desk) and biological cleaning (rooms, operation theatres). The Group offers turn-key solutions to match the needs of its different healthcare establishments. 


Everyday challenges of hospitality needs in retirement homes

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Cleaning and hygiene

Elior Services offers cleaning and hygiene solutions to match requirements in every type of environment, including extremely high-sensitivity areas: in hospitality and sensitive industrial premises, sales outlets and the agri-food industry. The common denominator here is the Group’s utmost respect for the norms and standards in each sector, and its ability to adapt to the customer’s brand image. 

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Facility management

Elior Services also offers a global corporate hospitality solution covering cleaning and hygiene in premises dedicated to facility management (reception, mail management, minor maintenance, green areas, etc.). Elior Services provides this wide range of services without recourse to outsourcing.

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