Every day, Elior offers catering solutions adapted to the needs of its younger guests from day-care and pre-school to university. Nutritional balance, taste quality and respect for the environment are at the heart of the Group's requirements, to ensure that meal time is a real moment of well-being and conviviality for pupils, students and teachers.

Our key figures

Elior feeds 1.7 million children and students of all ages every day, in public and private schools. 

1.7 million

meals per day 


school canteens 

hildren to acquire taste

Savoring a meal is a pleasure that can be acquired at an early age. For this reason, the Group is committed to raising the awareness of children to taste. Elior introduces them to new foods and serves a variety of meals prepared with quality products so as to stimulate their appetite in a convivial and modern setting.

Primary school is the ideal time to introduce children to good eating habits, which is synonymous with well-being and sustainable development. Children’s menus are developed by dieticians, responsible for promoting a diversified and balanced diet.

Elior UK’s restaurant teams have launched “Eat them to defeat them”, another fun activity involving games that feature a different vegetable every week to encourage children to eat more vegetables. 

A fun and games approach designed to convince schoolchildren to eat more veggies in the UK

In the UK, fun activities are being used to encourage children to eat more vegetables.

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A healthy and balanced diet

Healthy meals in the UK

Our UK subsidiary, Taylor Shaw is a leading school catering company whose mission is to cook healthy meals that contribute to the well-being of children and adolescents. 

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The Nutri-Score in France

In France, Elior is the first player in collective catering to adapt the Nutri-Score in its school canteens. Driven by its quest to inform children and their parents about the nutritional value of the dishes it serves, Elior has confirmed its pioneering positioning in educating consumers to eat healthy and tasty food.

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"We have worked in partnership with Taylor Shaw since September 2019 and have created a quality service that students and staff deserve. The focus has been on fresh products to create healthy and nutritional options for the customers. The catering team are a credit to Taylor Shaw and to the school - they create a vibrant and welcoming environment during break and lunch times."

— Alex Gallimore

Business Manager at Fred Longworth High School

Protecting the environment

Fight against food waste

In France, with the help of a team of dieticians, nutritionists, CSR managers, and developers, etc., Elior has developed an eight-pronged action plan. Three pilot towns, Lognes, Sedan and Mandelieu, agreed to test the initiatives proposed by Elior over a period of two to three months. The results have indeed been positive showing a 27% reduction in the amount of food left on the children’s trays.

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Developing awareness at an early age

The fight against food waste is one of Elior’s priority actions since developing awareness to waste begins at an early age. In France, Elior has joined forces with the Expliceat start-up to offer anti-waste workshops and training programs in school canteens, by organizing cooking workshops using left-over bread and unconsumed fruit or vegetables. 

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Preserving biodiversity

Our Spanish subsidiary participated in the Fish4Kids project which uses games to promote the sustainable consumption of fish. This initiative was carried out in 30 schools in Spain to widen children’s knowledge of marine biodiversity, as well as the protection of marine animals and marine reserves. 

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An offer adapted to every age

Elior can draw on the savoir-faire it has acquired and fine-tuned over the years to offer innovative catering solutions adapted to the needs of children, adolescents and young adults. From pre-school to higher education, Elior provides complete catering solutions, adapted to every child so as to help them develop their autonomy. 
At the same time, everything is done to ensure that the lunch break is a real moment of pleasure and relaxation: acoustic comfort, attentive hostesses, fun activities proposed according to the seasons and current events, etc.

"At FEDAC Horta college, we are very satisfied with the catering services both in the kitchen and the dining room, as well as and the cleaning services provided by Serunion for more than ten years. Our decision to renew our contract with Serunion, year after year, is underpinned by the company’s   agility, reliability and excellent customer service."

— Oleguer Salvadó Vilar

Director General of FEDAC Horta college