A responsible Group

Chef Elior

Because our teams serve 3.6 million guests in 5 countries every day, we have a responsibility to provide solutions to the global issues where we can make a positive impact: public health problems stemming from poor diet, environmental issues caused by agriculture, the need to reduce food waste and to create skilled jobs. As one of the leading operators in contract catering and services, it is our duty to take part in this societal, social and environmental revolution.  

Our mission:  to earn the trust of our guests each and every day by serving meals that are tasty, healthy, and eco-friendly. Elior is an innovative and socially responsible leader. Every day, our experts endeavor to provide services of excellence at the sites of our customers, and to our guests.

Our CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy is built around four main commitments across our entire value chain: healthy meals, sustainable sourcing, minimizing food waste, and helping our employees fulfil their potential.

We are proud our sustainable strategy and proves of progress were scored #1 for the contracted catering sector !


CSR governance coordinates the Group’s challenges from the level of the governance bodies through to the operational teams.

Group CSR Committee

Chef Elior

The CSR Committee is chaired by the CEO of Elior Group and comprises a body of permanent members who are directors of key areas of focus in the CSR strategy, namely: the Director of purchasing and logistics, the Director of Human Resource and the CSR Manager.  The Group Communication Director is also a permanent member of the Committee.

The purpose of this committee is to validate strategic decisions relative to areas of focus of the Group’s CSR strategy, to monitor its development and to adjust the priorities in relation to the context in which the Group evolves. This committee meets at least four times a year and, depending on the subjects raised during the meeting, may call upon the presence of other internal stakeholders and/or external third parties.

Strategic, Investments and Social Responsibility Committee

Every year, information on the progress made on CSR challenges is shared with the Board of Directors which draws on the work carried out by its Strategic, Investments and Social Responsibility Committee. The purpose of this committee is to guide the Board of Directors in making its strategic decisions and investments, as well as to assess and ensure that the Group’s values and CSR commitments are correctly integrated into its decisions.

CSR correspondents’ network

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The purpose of the CSR correspondents’ network is to integrate the CSR commitments within all of the Group’s operational bodies. CSR correspondents are appointed by the CEOs of the Group’s entities, and are tasked with implementing action plans adapted to their markets and activities.