Encouraging guests to adopt healthy nutritional habits is possible by giving them access to better information on the food they consume. To raise awareness and empower all of its guests in making their daily menu choices, all Elior Group entities have set up programs adapted to the different age groups they cater to (children, adults and seniors).

In particular, these programs are designed to give guests the nutritional information of the food they consume, to improve their knowledge of foods and their properties, the origin of the products consumed, as well as on traceability throughout the food chain.

The Group’s five operating countries provide nutritional information to their guests. In France, the Nutri-Score gives the nutritional information of our recipes in a simplified form, in our restaurants and on applications intended for our guests. Elior’s teams in the United States, the United Kingdom and Italy, use applications such as Nutrislice, Breaz and MyDiet to communicate the nutritional information (energy, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, etc.) of their recipes.

Our best practices

Deploy the Nutri-Score

With its culinary know-how, Elior has joined forces with a scientific team to provide its guests with simple and readable nutritional information contributing to a healthy and balanced diet.

Raise children's awareness

. In Spain, Serunion has developed the “Nutrifriends” nutritional education program in partnership with a top chef and has published a book promoting good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Promote seasonal fruits

In the United States, Elior North America has deigned its BeWell school catering solution to encourage children to favor fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and introduce them to new foods.

Adapt to everyone's needs

Thanks to the MyDiet program, employees can choose their personalized lunch break according to their tastes and nutritional needs. 

Find out more about the Nutri-Score

This transparent information labeling system is deployed in Elior’s B&I restaurants and school canteens.

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