As a responsible caterer, Elior Group considers it has a duty to play a leading role in the food transition movement allowing the development of agriculture that respects the environment (soils, biodiversity, forests, etc.) and animal welfare, contributing to a healthier and more balanced diet. 

Elior is committed to UN Sustainable Development Goal 2: “To put an end to hunger, ensure access to safe food and promote sustainable agriculture.

We firmly believe that all our product sourcing decisions must have a positive impact on our environment. To this end, we have drawn up and implemented a program of actions designed to preserve natural resources by increasing the percentage of locally-sourced and labelled products. Providing our guests with transparent information on these issues is also key to building a relationship of trust. 

— Ruxandra Ispas

Elior Group Purchasing Director

Our responsible purchasing charter

Aware of its economic, social and environmental responsibility, Elior Group places business integrity, the improvement of its socio-economic and environmental footprint and the development of its suppliers at the heart of its value chain and all the businesses of the Group. 

Formalize our commitments

Our responsible purchasing charter formalizes the commitments made by Elior companies to their supply chain. 

Elior Group demands that its suppliers commit to these principles by signing this Charter and by adopting similar programs within their own supply chain. 


The Group has chosen to focus on three key objectives.

Responsible relationships with our suppliers

With our suppliers, we are fully committed to forging transparent business relationships that respect human rights and the environment.  

Our actions

Seasonal, locally-sourced and labeled products

We are working to improve our socio-economic and environmental impact and more particularly that of our supplies. 


Our actions

More sustainable packaging

We are reducing the impact of our packaging in three ways: by finding alternatives to plastic, developing reusable packaging and optimizing existing packaging by limiting the use of plastic and cardboard. 

Our actions

Management indicators

In order to measure the progress of its sustainable supplies, the Group has adopted a set of management indicators, concerning the percentage of: 

  1. Labeled products
  2. Locally-sourced products
  3. Responsible packaging
  4. Seafood products from responsible sources
  5. Eggs from non-cage hens


The Group is actively working on animal welfare issues as well as on the impact that certain product categories can have on biodiversity and forests (palm oil and soybeans in particular).  To minimize its environmental impact, Elior Services promotes the use of eco-labeled and concentrated products.


Our ESG criteria

Elior is committed to UN Sustainable Development Goal 2: "To put an end to hunger, ensure access to safe food and promote sustainable agriculture".

Sustainable sourcing

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