Elior Group firmly believes that the diversity of its teams is a source of wealth, innovation and performance. In all the geographical regions where the Group operates, it seeks to build high-performance and diversified teams by relying on the skills and personality of everyone.

Our objectives

30 to 40%

of executive positions filled by women by 2025

40 to 60%

of executive positions filled by women by 2030

Promote the
integration of the unemployed

Being resolutely responsible, the Group takes into account the specific characteristics of all its employees and monitors their employability throughout their career. Rejecting all forms of discrimination, Elior Group works every year for the social integration of thousands of unemployed people by giving them access to long-term employment.

The Group acts on a daily basis to promote access to employment for people with disabilities and unemployed people, and is actively working to develop an inclusive culture within each of our sites.

Disability: one day immersion in a kitchen

Benjamin and Manuel, who are both disabled, participated in the 2021 Duo Day event with Elior. For one day, both of them joined an Elior team to discover the catering professions available in a conventional company.

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Our best practices

Diversity Charter

Elior has been a signatory of the Diversity Charter since 2005 and, in 2020, signed the UN Women's Empowerment Principles. Elior is an active member of WiHTL, an association whose purpose is to promote gender and ethnic diversity in Elior's business sector.

2020 Top Employer label

Elior North America obtained the 2020 Top Employer label awarded by “Diversity Jobs”. The entity has also trained more than 4,500 employees on discrimination and harassment issues.

Zero discrimination recruitment policy

HR staff and managers in France and Spain receive training on zero-discrimination recruitment.

Equality and Inclusion Guide

A guide on equality and inclusion is given to all new employees in the United Kingdom. 

Our solidarity actions

Elior Solidarity gives a new dimension to our daily commitments by promoting the solidarity initiatives of our employees, as well as those of associations and committed institutions.

Elior Solidarity

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