The Group is committed to a collaborative approach with dozens of start-ups. We are aware of the creative and disruptive force of startups and adapt our support to their stage of maturity. Cross-fertilization between our internal teams and startups is a vector for transforming the Group, its culture and its processes, which, in turn, enhances our agility so that we can best respond to changes in usage.

Our goal is to support startups and help them grow, while allowing them freedom of action. This co-creation process guarantees the right balance between startups, Elior and its customers:

  • A “test & learn” phase that is closely supervised by Elior: through teamwork sessions involving the startups and Elior, both parties are able to learn from each other,
  • The support of our customers, who play the game by carrying out tests for the benefit of their guests,
  • The emergence of new projects and new ideas as the tests progress,
  • The creation of concrete projects, with real-time testing.

The Nutrition Lab

Elior supports the first health nutrition incubation program in France. This program in partnership with Ramsay Santé, Inco and Pfizer makes it possible to support young start-ups and help them towards success. 

This program is an opportunity for all our employees to share their experiences and benefit from an entrepreneurial spirit.

Innovative solutions for better health at all ages

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The Hacking de l’hôtel de ville event

Elior has partnered the city of Paris and Paris & Co. in the Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville event since 2016. On the program: 4,000 pre-qualified business meetings, a demonstration area, business sessions and round tables. This annual gathering of innovation players is an opportunity for around twenty of our employees from the marketing, innovation, digital and sales teams to meet more than fifty start-ups. 

Too Good To Go: a meeting at the Hacking de l’hôtel de ville event

The teams of Elior and Too Good To Go met and forged a partnership during the Hacking de l'Hôtel de Ville event. Too Good To Go is the most widely used application to combat food waste in France, and its popularity is increasing due to the awareness of the general public on these issues.

"Too Good To Go makes it possible to reduce food waste and provides an additional take-out service"

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