Tsubaki, the Elior Group transformation plan

To implement this strategy, the Group has set up a new organization, strengthened the top management teams and developed a transformation plan named Tsubaki that is built around three objectives: accelerate growth, optimize costs, support operational excellence. Eight projects are being conducted to achieve these goals.

The 8 Tsubaki projects


Accelerate growth

  • Increase sales effectiveness in BtoB by maintaining leadership positions and developping new territories.
  •  Develop marketing and pricing in BtoC: strengthen marketing innovation to create competitive advantage by working on offer modeling and pricing ,optimizing brands portfolio and innovating.
  • Develop digital experience : leverage digital technology to bring more value to customers and to differentiate for B2B clients and B2C customers .

Optimize costs

  • Optimize purchasing  : improve efficiency of purchasing by improving organization and processes, reviewing spending and finding new business models.
  • Review activity and contracts portfolio : terminate low profitability contracts and sell non-core activities by rationalizing portfolio in order to increase profitability .
  • Optimize general and administrative expenses : align general and administrative expenses with the objectives of 2020 strategy by simplifying organization, delayering organization, benchmarking cross-BU .

Operational excellence

  • Generate quality through human resources management by attracting, motivating and retaining  performing people.
  • Improve operational excellence by reinforcing quality of service and improving performance of production tools.