#2024 seconds of well-being each day

To support the Paris 2024 bid, Elior Group wanted to convince the French to take at least 2,024 seconds a day for their well-being by under the combined influence of culinary and physical activity. These 34 minutes are roughly equal to the usual length of their lunch break.

The Group chose to adopt this three-pronged sport/nutrition/well-being theme so that it could propose a positive and attractive approach in line with the underlying commitment of its  TimeSavored brand signature. This commitment underscores how important it is to take the time to enjoy a healthy, tasty break that is convivial and adapted to all modes of life; the time needed to recharge one’s batteries and take care of oneself.


Promoting the «well-being break» means encouraging people to take time to practice the sport of their choice and enjoy a good meal so that they can achieve a balanced exercise / lunch break experience. It is at the heart of the France-focused #2024secondes campaign which guided Elior Group’s actions to support Paris 2024.

“Fork + sneakers = well-being”


Elior Group’s strategy is firmly rooted in its commitment to meet the everyday needs of its guests. For the Paris 2024 project, the Group focused on the specific expectations of its guests in France... and the reality of their lifestyle! Elior Group teamed up with Kantar TNS to study their relationship with sport and food, with very instructive results.

Estelle Mossely et Tony Yoka

Whether you practice sport for your own enjoyment or for health reasons; whether you eat for pleasure or to stay healthy, exercising and taking time to enjoy your meal break is good for your well-being. The more time we take to enjoy our food and to exercise, the better it is for our well-being!

This equation is the foundation of the website dedicated to the #2024secondes campaign, which offered a well-being detector that was tested with a selfie, as well as multiple testimonies (in French) on the importance of finding the right balance between exercising and eating.