Our vision of innovation

Inventing the break of tomorrow

Elior Group innovation vision

The break is essential, both universal and unique. As the caterer of choice, Elior Group has a daily commitment to make every break a time to savor and a source of wellbeing. Our goal is to ensure that everyone takes back control of their own time and enjoys the experience to the full.

We understand that our customers have increasing expectations in terms of easy options, peace of mind, responsibility and interaction. We also understand that service goes beyond the food on the plate to create a rich relationship of new interactions and new ways of using the break.

Our policy of innovation feeds new ideas into the discussion and service platform that will establish Elior Group as the benchmark break caterer.


Elior Group Foodtech

So what will tomorrow's services look like?  We are convinced that foodtech will bring guests greater convenience and a better experience: their time will be optimized and their lives simplified through digital solutions for pre-ordering, fast payment or takeaway sales, more information, food traceability and transparency, practical solutions for sustainable cuisine, less waste, and a friendlier, more interactive atmosphere, thanks to ideas for meeting and sharing meals.

Elior Group What is foodtech


Elior Group e-health

In healthcare, for example, patients, their friends and family and the medical professionals who care for them will all be connected stakeholders in constant touch with each other before, during and after the course of treatment. For all those who can no longer live independently, we must provide all the services that deliver the comfort and wellbeing essential for a better life and better aging

Whether in a healthcare facility or in the patient's own home, we want to make daily life easier by offering a platform of consolidated services based on the conviction that food is a cornerstone of healthcare, and that the pleasure of eating well must be promoted and valued.

Elior Group What is e-health

Living city

Elior Group Foodtech Living city

In the living city of tomorrow, what will the urban fabric be like, how will we facilitate the development of communities and the personalization of public services... the answers to questions like these have yet to become clear, but there is vast potential for making the city a more human place, from mobility issues (green transportation solutions) to the environment (urban agriculture and the circular economy), education and participatory democracy...

Because eating is a basic need that will be at the heart of these considerations, we want to help build this living city and create new services and jobs by working alongside stakeholders like schools, companies, healthcare facilities and the players in the world of travel.