Develop, Innovate, Accelerate

Thanks to a mindful combination of organic growth and acquisitions through partnerships in promising markets where its two complementary activities could develop, a selective and international development strategy, as well as an entrepreneurship spirit unleashed in a decentralized organization, Elior Group has been growing since its establishment in a profitable and sustainable manner.


The strategy announced by Philippe Salle on September 24th, 2015 is based on the historical strengths of the Group, the reaffirmation of its core business in catering, a strong focus on the consumer client and the exploration of new boundaries.

This strategy can be summed up by one ambition: to be the caterer of choice, driven by quality and innovative customer experience.

The Group is developing a strategy based on its expertise as a caterer, with two main and complementary activities: contract and concession catering. A selective approach to support services is implemented, based on the added value they bring to the customers.

Contract catering


The aim is to develop the corporate, education and healthcare markets in a balanced way.

Elior Group’s competitiveness in these markets relies on its purchasing power, its proximity to clients’ decision makers (as shown by their loyalty), its portfolio of specialized concepts and its extended network of food production facilities.

Contract catering still holds significant and sustainable opportunities for the development of the Group.

Concession catering


Travel food retail is growing fast due to the expansion of mobility around the globe.

The Group is developing both in domestic markets (i.e. railway stations, motorways), and in global markets like airports. The Group’s concession business also boasts a portfolio of diversified concepts in continuous renewal, strong local roots and a reputation for operational excellence.

Geographical positions

This strategy primarily strives for a balanced coverage of markets and countries where the Group targets leading positions. In Continental Europe, Elior Group aims to consolidate its leadership position in the two main activities. In contract catering, the objective is to expand our presence and market share in the United States and Great Britain through organic growth and targeted acquisitions. Asia will be a focus from 2017 onwards. In concession catering, the United States remain an area of strong organic growth while expansion into Northern Europe, the Middle East and Asia is likely.

The caterer of choice


The Group aims to be the caterer of choice through a strategy of differentiation, based upon an innovative marketing and digital approach focused on the customer experience. Group specific prospective studies show that consumer knowledge is a prerequisite. In 2015, the "Millenial Eater" white paper led us to pay closer attention to the specific expectations of Millennials and create new food service concepts.

An innovative customer experience: such is the daily commitment of the R&D teams. From consumer tests to nutrition workshops and new concepts such as Deli&Cia and the food truck Twenty, there are many achievements showing the Group’s focus on innovation.

Finally, differentiation is also a major strategy driver to strengthen the development and attract new consumers. The partnership signed up with Alain Ducasse should be a tremendous asset in the forthcoming calls for tender.