2018-2019 Activity Report


Elior Group has a clear mission: act today to nurture tomorrow. Despite the great complexity of the task, we’re determined to follow through on our commitments: EDUCATE tomorrow’s adults; provide extra CARE for our guests and co-workers, CONVINCE and bring people on board, and ACCELERATE to advance our professions. This is why we want to put the spotlight on our employees, and highlight their skills and daily commitment in each of the 6 countries where Elior has operations, employees face multiple, daily challenges along with absolute priorities. Now more than ever, nourishing the future means transforming today's habits.

Activity report 2017-2018

In the 2017-2018 activity report, we focused on how Elior takes on board the diverse needs of our guests and clients, by responsibly combining culinary know-how with operational excellence and unceasing innovation. With our 132,000 employees we work together as a family to take care of every one, all day, every day. We are family!

Activity report 2016-2017

Our 2016-2017 activity report is dedicated to the break. What are people looking for at break times? Obviously the answer isn’t the same for everyone.

Activity report 2015-2016

Digital is now a key ingredient in the recipe for success, as shown on the cover of our 2015-2016 activity report. Already ahead of schedule one year after the launch of our 2020 strategy, we take this opportunity to explore three up-and-coming food trends: naturalness, breaks and digital.

Activity report 2014-2015

For its 2014-2015 activity report, Elior Group gave carte blanche to six Instagrammers to share their views on how people take breaks across the globe.