Promote diversity and inclusion

Elior NA

Elior Group firmly believes that the diversity of its teams is a source of wealth, innovation and performance. In all the geographical areas where the Group operates, it seeks to build effective and diversified teams that draw on the unique qualities of everybody.

Resolutely responsible, the Group takes into account the specific attributes of all its employees and pays attention to their employability throughout their career. Elior Group rejects all forms of discrimination and works every year to promote the social integration of thousands of unemployed people by giving them access to sustainable employment.  The Group also acts on a daily basis to promote access to employment for the disabled and is actively working to increase the proportion of women in top management positions.

Elior Group Solidarities

Strongly attached to the values of service, hospitality and caring for others, we have, with Elior Group Solidarites, given a new dimension to our daily commitments by promoting the solidarity initiatives of our employees as well as the associations and institutions engaged.

Refugee Food Festival
Refugee Food Festival

Our best practices

  • 29,000 generation Z employees hired in 2019

  • 19,270 senior employees hired in 2019

  • 49% of management jobs held by women

  • 1,607 disabled people hired in 2019

  • Partnership with the social and solidarity economy sector (Partnership with GESAT, the national network of services providers in the Sheltered Sector)

Our actions planned for 2020

  • Creation of an international work group dedicated to gender diversity: define an action plan and indicators
  • Train managers in non-discriminatory recruitment
  • Train managers in France in job retention