Health and safety in the workplace


Elior Group cares about its employees and ensures a safe and healthy workplace through human and material means. The Group entities employ a health and safety at work expert who ensures national regulations are enforced, and identifies and prevents potential risks.

A proactive policy

This proactive policy is carried out thanks to a tight collaboration between multiple internal and external partners, in order to implement appropriate prevention measures and safety tools:

  • Selection of new, ergonomic, easy to keep and user-friendly equipment such as material handling trucks that maintain loads at a constant height, self-cleaning ovens, and motorized handling equipment;
  • Use of lighter product packaging to reduce the weight of handled loads;
  • Use of specific work equipment developed in collaboration with manufacturers and future users: heat-protection gloves, safety cutters, extra-grip shoes;
  • Design of new work outfits from fabrics that meet the Oeko-Tex standard, with no coloring and carcinogenic chemicals and absence of allergenic fibers;
  • Providing each employee with a workplace health and safety handbook.

At Elior Services, the organization of the workplace health and safety management system applicable to all of the company’s activities is described in the health and safety manual that meets the requirements of MASE, OHSAS and CEFRI standards. In addition, Elior Services is CEFRI-certified at national level (for services performed under ionizing radiation in nuclear facilities). In Spain and Italy, Serunion and Elior Ristorazione have implemented a health and safety at work management system which is OHSAS 18001-certified.