Diversity and equal opportunities


Signatory of the Diversity Charter since 2005, Elior is committed to making its 5,000 job vacancies widely available to enable all candidates wishing to apply, irrespective of their social origins, their age, their disability or their gender, to potentially join the Group.

Promoting apprenticeship

For Elior Group, work-linked training is a preferred path to train and hire young talents. Every year during the springtime, the Group organizes a 'Taste the future' day to help them better understand the jobs available at Elior Group and apply for a first job.

Contributing to the social inclusion of vulnerable individuals


In France, the Group works closely with public employment services, training organizations, and associations that support unemployed people and vulnerable groups. In particular, Elior supports the association 100 chances 100 emplois that helps young people coming from needy neighborhoods on their way to social and professional inclusion.

  • 5,000 disabled employees were employed by the Group in 2018.

  • 1.3 millions € worth of our revenue was generated through projects with the social economy sector in France in 2017-2018