Regional development

Elior Group is committed to selecting and promoting local products, encouraging regional economic development and supporting local producers in their expansion on new markets.

Involvement in the local economy through sustainable sourcing

In sourcing fruits and vegetables, meats and deli, bakery, or seafood, Elior teams work closely with clients and national producers to develop sustainable supply chains that can meet the challenges of the food service business. These producers are referenced by the purchasing departments in each country where the Group’s restaurants operate which enables it to use national productions.

Elior is one of France’s leading operators using organic products in school meals with more than 1,200 produce references, and 50% of its suppliers are collective farms and local organic associations. In Italy, in contract catering, 50% of consumed carrots and tomatoes are organic, as well as 39% of the olive oil.

  • 2,597 food references were from organic farming in 2014-2015.