Increase the percentage of responsible sourcing


Elior Group has set itself the objective to increase the percentage of its responsible supplies by prioritizing local and / or labeled products (organic produce, MSC, Red Tractor, Rainforest Alliance, etc.), by working in close proximity with public stakeholders and adhering to recognized standards and approaches.

This approach aims not only to enhance the value of the food served to guests which is prepared from eco-friendly agriculture (crop rotation and diversity, rational use of pesticides and fertilizers, etc.) but also to contribute, in a sustainable manner, to the economic vitality of the territories where Elior Group operates and as close as possible to our customers and guests.

Produits locaux
Local product

Our best practices

  • +22% of our ingredients are sourced responsibly

  • Seasonal products continue to grow in our menu offers : + 11% seasonal F&V in 1 year, to reach nearly 70% seasonal F&V (France)

  • 36% of fish are fished responsibly

  • Close to 20% of broiler chicken sourced in France comply with the ECC commitment

  • Bio-certified central kitchens in Spain and labeled pépinières du gout in France

  • 100% sustainable detergents solution with Elior Services

Cuisine centrale
Bio-certified central kitchen in Spain

Our actions planned for 2021

  • Boost the number of labeled products in our purchases, notably by improving their identification.
  • Increase the number of partnerships forged with recognized operators (Biocoop, Bleu Blanc Cœur), and actively contribute to the economic dynamism of the region we work with.
  • Mobilize our suppliers and step up the use of sustainable practices across the entire supply chain by drawing up contracts that include our fundamental responsible purchasing principles.   


Responsible sourcing charter

Our sustainable sourcing charter describes our commitments towards the supply chain. Elior Group places conducting ethical and honest business relationships, improving our socio-economic and environmental footprint, supporting the supplier at the heart of its value chain and all of the group’s area of business.

Elior Group wishes suppliers to sign up to these principles and to collaborate with the Group in implementing compliance with this Charter.