Increase the percentage of responsible packaging

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The Group believes that the development of a circular economy requires reinventing its guests’ consumption habits in order to limit the generation of waste, especially plastic.

To reduce fossil fuel extraction and limit the generation of waste related to its activities, the Group has set itself the goal to increase the percentage of its reusable and / or recyclable packaging and consumables (cutlery, glasses, food containers, straws, etc.).  The materials used can be bio-sourced (polylactic acid, corn, sugar cane pulp, bamboo, etc.), compostable or biodegradable.

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Recyclable packaging

Our best practices

  • 17.3% of responsible packaging.
  • Participation in innovative initiatives : reducing the production of single-use plastic consumables (Vegware); improving end-of-life recycling (WaterUnit Elior UK).
  • Stopping the use of plastic straws in the UK and France.
  • The progressive referencing of alternatives to plastic water bottles, such as water fountains.
  • Alternative & sustainable packaging solutions catalog available in France.

Our actions planned for 2021

  • Limit the use of single-use plastic consumables (forks, knives, cups, etc.) by offering sustainable and economical alternatives.
  • Offer the use of sustainable trays in the school sector, by pooling purchases in Europe.
  • Monitor and support sustainable solutions developed by manufacturers and brands.