Products and services quality and safety management


Elior Group has a long long-established approach to food safety thanks to product and supplier selection and assessment, management of food alerts, tight hygiene rules for food service production facilities, etc.

Strict organizational procedures and regular controls to ensure product safety

  • 18,500 on-site hygiene audits

  • 125,000 product analyses in 2017-2018

Local contacts in the various markets allow the Group to adjust hygiene rules and guidelines to their specific business constraints and the constant innovation in concepts.

The Scientific Committee

This committee is made up of independent experts such as nutritionists, pediatricians, toxicologists, microbiologists etc. They team up with quality and security teams and help anticipate risks and regulatory changes. Based on the committee’s recommendations, Elior in France has set nutritional specifications aimed to reduce trans fats presence in the meals served to our guests. Should there be a health crisis, the Scientific Committee can be reconvened to put forward emergency measures.

Rigorously selected suppliers and products

Food safety related actions are taken in collaboration with all stakeholders. Elior Group carefully selects its suppliers.

Suppliers are audited according to specific procedures that vary depending on products and suppliers’ typology. They put emphasis on the key quality and sanitation control aspects that can impact the different players in the value chain (reseller, producer, craftsman, abattoir and cutting plant, dairy production, and importer).

The audit is performed through a comprehensive traceability test, from the reception of raw materials to the distribution of the final product. The audit procedure is frequently updated in line with regulatory changes and scientific advancements.

Elior Services as close to the operations

Within the framework of its quality, health safety and environment management systems, Elior Services offers vocational technical trainings to its employees. They are delivered by mobile food hygiene experts and are tailored to each site and workplace so as to take into account the daily context and the clients’ specific expectations.