Elior Group takes action to improve nutritional practices


Providing healthy and balanced dietary options is the major challenge for our the Group’s teams. A constant nutritional quality is strongly required by our guests and corporate clients. Every day, Elior Group makes rigorous nutritional choices in line with the main recommendations issued by public health bodies, such as the National Nutrition and Health Program (PNNS) in France.

Healthy, balanced and tasty food offering

The Group develops balanced recipes in collaboration with dietitians and nutritionists


The new Balance concept rolled out by Elior in French companies in 2014, offers a daily “balanced menu” based on our dietitians’ recommendations. 
These menus are elaborated from various recipes based on criteria defined by the GEMRCN (Contract Catering Industry and Nutrition Study Group), that include a controlled quantity of fat and sugar. This approach is also applied in Italy where two of Elior’s new concepts, Elior Più and Smart Food, were designed to offer high-quality food in a relaxing setting. 

Elior Group trains its employees and raises its guests’ awareness about health risks caused by an excessive intake of certain dietary products, such as salt, and food allergies, such as gluten intolerance. 

  • 520 nutrition experts develop tailored meals to each different guest profile

The French business units apply very strict rules when it comes to sourcing food products, banning genetically modified organisms (GMO) labeled products and the ionized products in its restaurants, and also reducing the use of trans fats in most food products as they increase cardiovascular risks.

Finally, in order to combine pleasure and nutrition and bring out the taste and nutritional qualities of the selected ingredients, Elior Group uses different preparation and cooking techniques such as: steaming, wok cooking or plancha grilling to deliver low-fat and flavor meals, partnerships with top chefs, etc.

Providing healthy eating habits

On the education market, Elior promotes good eating habits and behaviors for its guests through numerous initiatives aimed to improve their knowledge of produce and their properties, provide them with information on the food supply chain and where products come from, and help them pick and select their meals smartly. 
In schools, Elior develops educational concepts tailored to each age group such as “Le Restaurant des Tout Petits”, a self-service concept for French nursery schools that promotes seasonal produce and is designed to give children an active role in their meal times, or “La Table des Curieux”, which makes them discover, on a weekly basis, a new, different type of produce and its seasonal aspects thanks to an edutainment furniture.