Better inform our guests

Cantine en entreprise

Promote best nutritional habits with guests will be achieved by providing better information. To raise the awareness of, and empower our guests in making their daily menu choices, all Elior Group entities have implemented programs adapted to their different categories of guests (children, adults and seniors). These programs are notably designed to improve diners’ knowledge of the ingredients and their properties and where the consumed products come from, and to provide traceability across the entire food chain.

The Group is particularly focused on providing exemplary transparency related to the nutritional criteria of its dishes and menus.

Our best practices

  • 571 nutrition experts.
  • 89% of the group's revenues come from entities testing a detailed nutritional information tool.
  • Testing of Nutri-Score adapted for contract catering in FranceBy drawing on its culinary expertise, Elior, together with a scientific team, has developed a solution to provide its guests with simple and transparent nutritional information contributing to a healthy and well-balanced diet. In 2020, Nutriscore has been rolled out in B&I and Education segment in France.
  • All Elior subsidiaries provide solutions adapted to each type of guest. In Spain, Serunion has developed the nutritional education program "Nutrifriends" in partnership with a top chef and published a book promoting the adoption of good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. In the US, Elior North America, via its BeWell offer in school meals, encourages children to prioritize fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, and introduces them to new foods. The objective of Elior Italy's "Mangiare al ritmo della natura" program is to encourage children to adopt good eating habits, while making them aware, through playful activities, of the importance of respecting ingredients seasonality.
  • A scientific committee in France comprising experts specialized in nutrition, pediatrics, toxicology and microbiology, etc. and quality and safety teams has been set up to help anticipate risks and regulatory developments.  

Trials to test Nutri-Score

Our actions planned for 2021 :

  • Roll out the Nutri-Score nutritional transparency tool to improve guests’ understanding of the nutritional quality of the proposed offer and to guide them in making their food choices. Elior is thus participating in a collective approach, the objective of which is to give its guests access to the nutritional information of the meals they consume by providing simple, readable and understandable information, in the same way as for mass consumption products.
  • Distribute and use digital assessment tools at each stage of meal preparation (Foodvisor).
  • Improve the nutritional balance of our recipes.
  • Increase the number of Elior sites that display nutritional information, by developing specific programs and supports.
  • Modernize and digitalize our nutritional information data bases.