Integrity policy

The fight against corruption is becoming increasingly important in today’society and is subject to new laws. The Elior Group Integrity Guide defines clear rules and provides the necessary information for each employee to comply with the Law and the Elior Group ethical principles.

Integrity policy

The Group's integrity policy is everyone's business!

Employees of Elior Group must comply with the laws in force in all the countries where we operate and act at all times in accordance with the Elior Group Ethical Principles. Breaking anti-corruption laws may expose an employee but also Group companies to civil and criminal penalties.

The Elior Group Integrity Guide sets clear rule on organization and responsibilities so that everyone can obey the law, in accordance with the Group's ethical principles. It is written in a simple and concrete way so that everyone is informed of what they can do and what they cannot do. It defines key concepts to be known and corruption prevention rules, and gives information and practical recommendations that will help employees identify situations that may contravene anti-corruption laws. This guide is intended to evolve over time to take into account legislation, changes, the evolution of the good practices and comments from our teams.

Elior Group has also provided a whistleblowing mechanism, which employees may use by phone or e-mail, writing to It is intended for those wishing to report violations of the Group Integrity Guide provisions on corruption. It complements the alerting channels in place within Elior Group and as such cannot be a substitute.