CSR governance


In order to balance performance, operational excellence and responsibility, Elior Group has set up an internal governance structure dedicated to its corporate social responsibility (CSR) that allows to define and enact its commitments in line with the Group’s corporate strategy, its interests, and those of its multiple stakeholders.

These strategic commitments are monitored across all activities and markets and translated into operational decisions.

Steering CSR

The Group’s CSR strategy is overseen by the Chief Executive Officer. It is driven by the Group CSR Manager who heads a network of correspondents who draw, coordinate and enable the CSR policy across the Group. Open to all external initiatives and experiences, the CSR team is the Group’s center of excellence on sustainable development topics.

Across the different entities and subsidiaries of the Group, the CSR correspondents contribute to define and implement an action plan tailored to their respective markets and business areas, in line with the Group's overall strategy. Appointed by the General Managers of their entities, they translate the Group’s key CSR objectives into concrete actions and share their best practices. They can get support from about 60 sustainable development contacts who hold other operational functions, to facilitate the roll-out of the actions defined for their business areas or those generated through exchanges with Elior Group’s partners (clients, suppliers, etc.).