Duty of diligence

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, Elior Group is committed to promoting and respecting, across its entire value chain, the principles of human rights, international labor standards and the environment, and ensures that it is not complicit in any violation thereof. Over the years, Elior Group has developed procedures and tools to identify, assess and control its risks.

In France, Elior implemented a responsible purchasing charter in 2012, which formalizes what the Group requires from its suppliers in several areas such as quality and food safety, respect for the environment, ethics and work standards. The charter was updated in 2017 to integrate the Group's ethical principles and to strengthen the concept of vigilance across the value chain. All Elior suppliers are required to sign it. In France, Elior also sends a questionnaire to its main suppliers in order to assess their level of maturity with regard to their main responsibility issues, and in particular concerning their approach to their supply chain risks.

Moreover, in order to reduce the environmental and social impacts generated by its activities, and in particular by its supplies, the Group has set itself the objective to gradually increase the percentage of its labeled food and non-food purchases. Labeled purchases in fact ensure compliance with environmental and/or social standards recognized internationally and/or locally. In 2019, more than 10% of Elior Group purchases were labeled products.