Reducing our ecological footprint


To reduce its ecological footprint, Elior Group is taking the required steps both upstream through a rigorous selection of its products and downstream by limiting waste production and greenhouse gas emissions, or other discharges that can be potentially harmful to the environment.

Resource conservation

Through responsible purchasing procedures, facilities and behavioral guidelines, Elior Group is continuously improving its use of water, liquids and consumables.

The use of water is subject to a specific action, through the sharing of best practices with awareness-raising initiatives on water saving. 

Elior Group is reducing its energy consumption through the implementation of efficient equipment such as timer switches and low consumption lighting, the development of renewable energy produced from bio-waste coming from the catering operations and the growing use of remote communication systems such as videoconferencing.

Optimized waste management - prevention, sorting, and recycling

Elior Group calls on providers for waste disposal and treatment, but in some cases, on-site pre-processing equipment such as dehydrators are installed. The biodegradable organic waste recycling processes used by the Group and its partners are primarily composting and anaerobic digestion that transform the organic waste in soil fertilizer. Used cooking oils are utilized as a renewable energy source: once collected they are recycled into biodiesel and the Group is committed to ensure its traceability. In the United Kingdom, Elior's used cooking oils are processed into biofuels then used by its logistics and transportation provider.

  • 81% of the used cooking oils collected in 2017-2018 have been recycled.

Reducing pollutant emissions

The Group has developed specifically for its French catering concessions and services activities, a measurement tool based on the Carbon Footprint (Bilan Carbone ®) methodology. This calculation system allows each site manager to identify the main sources of GHG and coordinate with the clients to reduce those emissions.