Combating food wastage


Elior Group is committed to fighting against food wastage every step of the way. First upstream, with a strong focus on the quality of the selected products and prepared recipes, then on a daily basis with a tight stock management and trainings to eco-friendly gestures offered to employees, and ultimately with the redistribution of unsold products, the recycling and recovery of wastes, and awareness-raising initiatives for the guests. In 2017, Elior Group drafted a five-step charter to reach its goal: 100% of food waste being reused or recycled by 2025.

Five Steps to Zero Elior Group

Eight percent of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food waste. We feed 5.5 million guests a day and generate food waste as unsold or unused food and we have a responsibility to avoid and fight it. We will do this through our five-step charter to reuse and recycle food waste throughout our value chain, in each country where the Group operates. 

The five steps are:

  • Step One – Our commitment to a bold target
  • Step Two – Prevent and reduce with our employees, clients and suppliers
  • Step Three – Prevent and reduce with our guests
  • Step Four – Reuse with local communities
  • Step Five – Recycle with our partners

Elior Group's five-step charter to fight food waste