Stakeholders awareness


The Group is committed to conveying the values of sustainable development to its clients and guests, but also to its suppliers and other stakeholders. As a result, in collaboration with multiple partnering organizations across the world, Elior Group is involved in several awareness-raising programs.

Raising awareness for environment and sustainable development

The Group is promoting various initiatives dedicated to young children so that environmental consciousness and eco-friendly behaviors can be learned at an early age. Elior Group supports schools developing together with their students actual projects related to topics such as waste, water, energy, nutrition, biodiversity, and solidarity.

Elior Group promotes returnable product systems to get consumers involved, such as the returnable beverage cup system called Eco Cup. This system prevents from using disposable plastic cups and encourages customers to show more eco-friendly behaviors.

Elior Group is also involved in the European weeks for sustainable development as well as national awareness-raising days in its operating countries.

Since 2013, Serunion, the leading caterer in the education sector in Spain, has established a preferred relationship with UNICEF. In 2015, this partnership allowed to organize a contest of children’s tales and drawings and raise pupils’ awareness on water shortage in numerous developing countries, as well as on the values of solidarity. In France, Elior Education is partnering with Worgamic, an association that raises children’s awareness on organic waste recycling, and more generally on food products lifecycle. Engaging junior high school students into the fight against food wastage is at the heart of their mission.