Training in the food and services industry


We must provide a consistently outstanding service for our clients and this ties in with the competencies of our employees. To help them better fulfill their roles, we have implemented numerous training and development programs at every single step of their career path. The purpose of these programs is to ensure they are trained, committed, skilled and responsible.

Welcome newcomers!

The prime objective of training is to help newcomers settle down and feel part of the company. Every new employee receives effective support to learn and understand their job’s profile, processes and tools. They also get a sense of the Group’s culture and operating modes so that they can feel at ease and share a common language with the other associates.

Strengthen your own competency and skill set


Our employees benefit from training programs to enhance their skills and thus be more effective and impactful. In order to meet their daily needs and expectations, training is structured in a decentralized way, with a corporate campus for corporate-wide programs, combined with schools or academies at business line and / or market level such as the Academy of Concession Catering in Italy, the School of Concession Catering and Services Jobs in France, Elior UK Academy, Services University, etc. Training courses offered in these schools are taught by internal trainers and aim to improve the skills of the Elior Group teams.

Beyond the required technical skills, we pay close attention to the acquisition by our staff of transversal abilities (e.g. customer reception, client relationship management, etc.) that can be leveraged across the businesses.

Vocational qualifications and continuous training

During their careers, most of our employees have gained valuable experience. To have it recognized, Elior Group has put in place several work-based qualification courses (VAE in France or NVQ apprenticeships in the UK), which through assessment and training allow to get a diploma approximately equivalent to an academic qualification for skills that are acquired throughout a career. Specific diplomas are accessible to our employees in various countries, for instance chef-manager, waiter, technical officer, etc.

Furthermore, diploma-awarding trainings are critical to our people development strategy. Elior Group has pioneered a number of training programs that enable state-certified diplomas.

Train in an innovative way

Elior Group combines new technologies and innovative approaches to train its staff. Here are some of the initiatives implemented by Elior Group:

  • e-learning,
  • serious games, business games,
  • co-development, project groups and peer networks that encourage cross-working and sharing among our employees,
  • mentoring and tutoring to gain experience while contributing to the Group strategy.