Career development and internal mobility


Both career development and mobility are critical to the job satisfaction of our teams. Equally important for Elior Group, it is the way to reward the most committed employees, showing their willingness to learn and demonstrating an entrepreneurship spirit. This is why we strive to help them build their careers within the Group.

A call for mobility

No matter his/her first job at Elior, each and every employee can access a career path. The mobility is reinforced by our choice to give priority to Elior Group staff in all hiring decisions; it is also made possible thanks to the wide range of jobs and roles, in all business areas, that we can offer.

Tools to build your own career path

Because diversity of profiles is a strong asset, Elior Group encourage employees to build as diversified career paths as possible, including gaining experience in multiple roles, jobs, markets and, possibly, countries. Our employees are encouraged to build their career step by step and to do so, have dedicated tools available such as the internal job board, the job exploring interview, the "Live my Life" initiative, the interactive career planning application, etc. Additionally, in order to ensure job transitions are handled in a successful and timely manner, we offer close support to the employee during the development phase.

Committed managers

We expect our team managers to take the career development of their team members very seriously. Our managers are informed and trained to provide their teams with guidance and direction on their career opportunities. As a consequence, the frontline managers are offered to have two formal check point discussions with their respective team leaders:

  • The development review aims to assess the employee’s areas of strength, development needs and growth opportunities and expectations.
  • The objectives review aims to review the associate’s progress on goals, make any necessary adjustments to goals and/or define new goals, in line with the Group's strategy.