Food, break, digital

Trois tendances food d'avenir Elior Group

As the caterer of choice for 5.5 million guests every day, we get to observe their break time up close. Over the past 25 years we have seen our guests change and evolve, becoming more exacting about the quality of their food, seeking new dining experiences and using their smartphones to find and share information. In today’s fast-moving and ever-changing society, caterers have a more crucial role than ever to play.

Eating well to feel well

Manger bien pour aller mieux Elior Group

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Twenty-four centuries on, this quote from Hippocrates still rings true. The essential role that food plays in our overall health is widely understood and accepted, and people are learning to make healthier choices to take care of themselves. This return to balanced eating means not only introducing more fruit and vegetables into our diets but also taking a different approach to what we put on our plates. At Elior Group we are working hard every day in our restaurants to help advance this overall movement.

Break time at any time

La pause à tous les temps Elior Group

Nowadays, breaks can be taken at any time of the day, whenever suits people best. This lifestyle change has given rise to a wide variety of needs, which the Group is meeting by adapt­ing our opening times and offering original formats. And because we believe that breaks are an essential part of the day despite the many demands on people’s time, we have put in place innovative offerings and services so that wherever our customers are – at the office, in school, travelling or in hospital – they can take the type of break they want, whenever they want.

Digital comes to the table

Le digital s'invite à table Elior Group

With the rising use of social media, smartphones, 4G and mobile apps, the catering industry is going digital and everyday practices are changing, both for operators and customers. Digital tech­nology is now an essential aspect of break times and an increasing number of guests expect it to enhance their dining experience by providing them with more infor­mation, shorter waiting times, bespoke orders and other services. For Elior Group, it goes without saying that we intend to keep on innovat­ing and participating in the digital revolution.