Education: learning to eat healthily

Each day, Elior provides catering solutions tailored to the needs of the education market. The nutritional balance, taste quality and environmental respect are the Group's focal points to make pupils, students and teachers’ meals a shared moment of well-being and conviviality.

Age-appropriate catering

Thanks to the expertise amassed over the years, Elior offers innovative catering solutions carefully tailored to meet the needs of children, adolescents and young adults. Elior provides comprehensive catering solutions from nursery to higher education, matching the children’s development. 1-2-3 P’tits plats (Little dishes 1-2-3) for nurseries, the Restaurant des Tout-Petits (Kids Restaurant) for kindergarten, Yourself for middle school or Open Café for college and university students are concepts created to entice children and help them appreciate the lunch break.

In parallel, everything is done to maximize the quality of their meal breaks and create pure moments of fun and relaxation: acoustic comfort, attentive hostess, fun events offered throughout the seasons and current events...

What Lily wants,


It's to chill out between classes, catch up with friends and stand by her convictions by having a healthy, vegetarian meal.


See what we've put together for Lily, at the Hugh Baird College, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Hugh Baird College, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Every morning, the students at Hugh Baird College are offered a free slice of toast and a hot drink at Costa Coffee.


  • A European leader in public and private education
  • No.1: Elior is a leader in France, Spain and Italy
  • 14,000 school canteens
  • 2.9 million children and students catered for each day in Europe and the USA

Give children a taste of healthy eating

The menus are composed by dietitians, in charge of promoting a diversified and balanced diet. In France, 10 new recipes are tested every month by a panel of 50 children in order to provide various, tasty and innovative menus.

In addition, Elior develops nutritional entertainment programs with the aim to instill good eating habits in children, such as Let’s have breakfast which teaches young people the vital importance of breakfast, or the the Vegetable Day.

Creativity on your plate

Variety in recipes is a key to pleasure in eating. Elior has always put culinary innovation at the heart of its priorities for the education market. Launched in 2012, the culinary competition Chef, a plateful of ideas, has allowed Elior chefs to create new recipes. They are all tested and approved by the children themselves.

Serunión, a leader in extracurricular activities

In Spain, its double historical expertise in catering and extracurricular activity allowed Serunión to take the leadership in the education market: 6500 monitores oversee the after-school activities; the Group has even expanded its offering to school transportation.

A strong network of the central kitchens

In France as well as in Spain and Italy, Elior operates a large number of specialized central kitchens, which are literal culinary workshops. These kitchens prepare and deliver up to over 50,000 quality meals per day, in line with the increasingly strong financial constraints and economic conditions of the local authorities.