Motorways: a new vision for rest areas


As a designer, integrator and operator, the Group covers all motorways service areas’ businesses (shop, catering, hotel, and gas-station) and provides qualified support to its concession grantors. Areas’ mission is clear: contributing to change the image of the rest areas, designing great hospitality sites where travelers want to stop, and facilitating their mobility through the provision of more services and entertainment.

What Ana and Joao want,


it's to stop off on their journey to their holiday destination and grab a tasty bite to eat with a special menu for children, and then go off and make friends playing in a ball pit.


See what we've put together for Ana and Joao, at the Alcacer do Sal service plaza, Lisbon, Portugal.

Alcacer do Sal service plaza, Lisbon, Portugal

Meals are prepared on site as much as possible, from starters to desserts, and drinks. Here, there are traditional pasteis de nata pastries made that very morning by Areas’ teams.


  • A solid leadership in France and Spain, strong positions in the United States
  • 227 motorway rest areas
  • 801 restaurants and points of sale

Retail: a must


The partnerships developed with Franprix, monop'daily, 8 à Huit Express in France or Carrefour Express in Italy allow Areas to provide broader sets of popular products. In France, Franprix’s quality/price positioning fits nicely the needs of motorway customers. In Italy, the first Carrefour Express format opened on the Pioppa’s rest area proved to be highly successful, and the brand is gradually being deployed across the motorway network as well as in airports. 

A unique experience in each rest area

In partnership with renowned architects, the Group has developed a solid know-how in planning and designing motorway service areas that are unique, simple, with aesthetic value and environmentally friendly. The objective is to encourage travelers to take some rest, stay longer and even come back to the rest areas. To make the most of each stop, the Areas teams have to adapt the offers, combine and resize the facilities, amenities and services. Fluidity, a relaxing environment and value for money are key in having the travelers come back.

United States: concession agreements until 2047


In the United States, with the opening of 40 restaurants and seven shops on eight rest areas, Areas has fully revamped the available offering on the Florida Turnpike, the second most important American toll motorway. The investment on this major north-south axis between Miami and Orlando is part of a 30-year contract. Further to the North, on the I-95, the full makeover of the Maryland House Travel Plaza is boosting one of the busiest service areas in the world, with nine restaurants and a store. 

One-stop shopping


With food courts bringing together restaurants and services in a same space, Areas is designing the rest areas of the future. They are meant to offer room for freedom and choice. In Sobradiel, Spain, on Motorway AP68 linking Bilbao to Zaragoza, Areas has launched a new concept under the brand Airea. Restaurants, stores and quality-driven services such as Wi-Fi hotspots, showers, a nursery, playgrounds for kids and modular meeting rooms are made available in the same venue. In France, at the Poulet de Bresse rest area located near Dijon, nap rooms invite travelers to take an unexpected and relaxing break. Areas pays particular attention to families thanks to its Recréazen concept that offers indoor and outdoor playgrounds, menus for toddlers and kids, etc.